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How does AutoHedge work?

AutoHedge works by pricing an equal portion of the bushels you enroll on each trading day for your pricing window:

  • February 28, 2019 through July 31, 2019 (enrollment for this window is closed)
  • April 15 2019 through July 3, 2019

For example: If you enrolled 30,000 bushels for the February 28 to July 31 pricing window, AutoHedge will automatically price 277.77 bushels per day.

What is the AutoHedge pricing window?

We chose our pricing window based on historical corn and soybean pricing data. AutoHedge currently offers two pricing windows:

  • February 28, 2019 through July 31, 2019 (enrollment for this window is closed)
  • April 15 2019 through July 3, 2019

What futures contracts does AutoHedge reference?

AutoHedge is availble for new crop only, and references a total of four different contracts in order to accommodate your delivery needs:

  • September Corn (CU19)
  • December Corn (CZ19)
  • September Soybeans (SU19)
  • November Soybeans (SX19)

How does AutoHedge work with my FarmLogs account?

If you already have a FarmLogs account, you can sign in to the AutoHedge app using your FarmLogs username and password. All of your AutoHedge information will be seamlessly integrated with your existing FarmLogs account so you can monitor your overall profitability as the season progresses.

If you’re new to FarmLogs, simply dowload the AutoHedge app and create an account. You can choose to start using FarmLogs at anytime for free by signing in to FarmLogs with your AutoHedge username and password.


How do I enroll in AutoHedge?

You can enroll in AutoHedge by downloading the AutoHedge app from the App Store or the
Google Play Store. Then, create an account, or sign in with your FarmLogs email and password, and begin the enrollment process.

If you’d like to receive a walkthrough about how AutoHedge could work for your farm, please fill out this form, and we'll be in touch!

What is the deadline for enrollment?

The deadline for the April 15 2019 and July 3, 2019 is April 10, 2019.
The deadline for the February 28, 2019 - July 31, 2019 pricing window is closed.

How much does it cost?

Signing up for an AutoHedge account is free. At delivery, you'll pay one transparent fee for the quantity of bushels enrolled in AutoHedge:

  • Corn transaction fee: $0.05/bushel
  • Soybean transaction fee: $0.07/bushel

Is there a minimum bushel requirement for enrollment?

You must enroll a minimum of:

  • 15,000 bushels for corn contracts
  • 5,000 bushels for soybeans contracts

Who can enroll in AutoHedge?

AutoHedge is available to corn and soybean farmers throughout the south and select midwest locations. We’re actively working to expand support for more areas. To find out if AutoHedge is available in your area, download the app or reach out to us here.


Who is buying my grain/who owns the contract?

The AutoHedge app is built and supported by FarmLogs. We’ve partnered with well-established, financially sound companies within the grain industry (CGB, Scoular, and other partners) to purchase your crops and ensure that you’ll get paid.

Who sets basis and schedules delivery?

With an AutoHedge contract you have the flexibility to set basis when it’s ideal for your local market. Delivery locations will be dependent on our partners in your region.

You can easily set basis and delivery through your AutoHedge app.

How do I get paid?

Your payment will begin processing as soon as we receive confirmation of your delivery. Payment will be made directly to you (either through ACH direct deposit or by check) from our partner in your region.


What is AutoHedge Boost?

AutoHedge Boost gives you the option to increase the amount of bushels priced on a specific day. For example: If the corn market reaches $4.25 during your AutoHedge contract and you like that price, you can choose to price more bushels on that day through your AutoHedge app. After boosting, an equal portion of your remaining unpriced bushels for the contract will be priced each trading day.
AutoHedge Boost Requirements:

  • Maximum of 3 Boosts per contract
  • Minimum of 5,000 bushels per Boost
  • If your contract has less than 5,000 bushels remaining to be priced, you can still Boost, but must Boost all of the remaining bushels in your contract

Is Boosting Free?

AutoHedge boost is a free feature included with your AutoHedge contract. There is no additional fee to boost your bushels. You may boost up to 3 times per contract.

Can I roll my contract forward?

Yes! You can roll your AutoHedge contract for a $0.02 fee, right through the AutoHedge app.


How does AutoHedge perform compared to the average harvest price?

AutoHedge has outperformed the average harvest price by at least $0.25 every year for the past five years. You can see specific pricing information here, or reach out to us here if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Why would I use AutoHedge?

AutoHedge provides an easy way to manage your marketing risk without requiring additional work from you. We encourage you to use AutoHedge along with the other ways you market your crop.

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