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COCO‘s Sliding Fee Discount Program


At COCO, your overall health is very important to us; both physical and financial. For those who qualify, COCO is committed to providing financial assistance based on individual financial need.

Sliding Fee Discount Program cites income levels up to 175% of the current Federal Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines and is active for one fiscal year. Patients are required to renew when the fiscal year changes or when household size or income has changed. Per HIPPA, all patient information, including income statements, are kept secure and confidential. Discount only applies to the physical medicinal cannabis products. Non-cannabis products are not within the Sliding Fee Discount Program.


2022 Initial Discount Calculations:

Household Income <125% of Poverty Level

Not Married: $0 - $16,988

Married: $0 - $22,888

Discount: 20%


Household Income 126-175% of Poverty Level

Not Married: $16,989 - $23,783

Married: $22,889 - $32,043

Discount: 10%


Household Income >175% of Poverty Level

Not Married: $23,784 & Above

Married: $32,044 & Above

Discount: 0%


Identification Requirements:

Must identify applicants’ name, date of birth, Patient/Caregiver number, other required information, and total income as instructed on the application form. Minor patients are also eligible for discounts based on caregivers’ income.


To qualify for the sliding fee scale, one of the following documents as proof of income is required and must be dated less than 30 days prior to your date of service:

  • One recent check stub & picture identification

  • Last year’s tax return (not valid after April 15th of current year unless you are self-employed. Schedule C section of tax return is needed if you are self-employed)

  • A letter from the Division of Employment (unemployment statement)

  • Current W-2 forms (Self-Employed patients only or schedule C section of tax returns)

  • Document reflecting child support or alimony

  • Food Stamps award letter

  • Social Security/Disability award letter


For more information on COCO’s Sliding Fee Discount Program please visit or email your local COCO Dispensary.

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