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Since 2019

COCO Dispensaries


   Your Comfort and Wellbeing   

             is Our Top Priority           

our story

When you walk into the doors of a COCO Dispensary, expect something different yet expect something truly familiar.  We realize that in Missouri, cannabis, as a natural medicine, may be an entirely different way of thinking for you. 

Our goal is to guide and provide you with industry and product expertise so you will feel at ease with your choices.  Our clean, secure dispensary atmosphere is designed with your comfort in mind at all times. COCO’s knowledgeable, friendly dispensary staff will always take the time to make sure that the optimal products are chosen with your needs in mind.

We will provide a private, relaxing area if you would like to discuss your personal needs and ask questions of our staff.  You might just want to review your cannabis options before making a decision and we are here to help.  Your safety and comfort are the most important aspect of our dispensary.


The products at COCO dispensary are of the highest quality and testing standards.  We purchase only from a select list of trusted cultivators who have proven themselves in the Missouri market.  You will be able to choose from a wide array of cannabis products that are available in our dispensaries only because they have met our high standards.  Your care is our utmost concern.

By the time you walk out the doors of a COCO Dispensary, we will be old friends.  That’s our mission and we look forward to serving you at any of our three locations in Hannibal, Chillicothe and Moberly.


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