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Alzheimer's and Cannabis

"Alzheimer's Disease is a detrimental brain disorder characterized by the gradual cognitive decline and neuronal deterioration." { It has been reported that by 2040 81.1 million people will experience dementia or Alzheimer's. According to the Alzheimer's Society cannabis could have very hopeful outcomes for patients but more research is necessary.

Most studies are still the first stages. Scientists have high hopes that not only will cannabis help with symptoms of dementia but that it could help repair damages that are done to the brain by Alzheimer's. Studies have showed that memory has shown significate improvements in several patients. Because the root cause of Alzheimer's and how it works and develops is still unclear, this leaves the ability to treat the disease very limited. Most current treatments only mask symptoms and do nothing to stop or help to regenerate brain health. The importance of research on the effects of cannabis on Alzheimer's disease is at a high, we need more information, and we need it now.

Cannabis has a reputation for causing memory loss and learning impairments, but according to recent studies the possibilities of cannabis reducing amyloid plaque ,and stimulating the hippocampus are good. These are both parts of the brain that Alzheimer's destroy. The ECS (Endocannabinoid system.) Plays a role in the memory in many ways. Receptors in your brain known as the CBl and CB2 are part of the ECS that help to reduce and regulate these plaques ahd protect the hippocampus. There are many studies being done that show many promising signs that this could help with patients with Alzheimer's Disease.

Families that have had loved ones who have lived with Alzheimer's know what the term sundowning means. The studies done concerning the effects of cannabis can have as a treatment for AD are very limited as I stated earlier. But there have been several studies about its benefits to help with the agitation, aggression, and anxiety that occur with AD. People with Alzheimer's get very agitated when they cannot remember and become confused. Sundowning refers to the fact that people with AD seem to get confused and agitated when the sun goes down or in the evening hours. CBD and THC have been found very effective in helping to calm these symptoms.

There are so many options (other than smoking) that could offer elderly patients the benefits of THC and CBD. Gummies, capsules, drinks, candy, chocolate, and many other treats that are infused with THC and CBD. Gum mies and other candies are easy to micro dose which is recommended for many patients. This can be helpful with patients that are confused or otherwise difficult to get them to take regular medications. Because of the cerebral effects of a sativa, it is what has been recommended for Alzheimer's patients. lndica could also be beneficial when a patient is not sleeping or having body aches and pains. The balance of a good Hybrid could also be beneficial. Terpenes are the other beneficial oils that should be considered when choosing a treatment. Alpha Pinene is good for combating memory loss and helps with clear thinking. Limonene releases the "feel good" hormone and makes you feel happy. Beta-Caryophyllene helps improve cognitive abilities and boost brain activities and clearness.

It is very Clear that more research needs to be done on the penefits of cannabis on Alzheimer's patients. There are great strides being made but mother nature alwi')ys seems offer her best when it comes to cannabis and its healing properties.


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