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Cartridge/Disposable Troubleshooting & Warranty

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

I just opened my packaging and noticed my cartridge or disposable vape looks less than full?

This space is called “head space”. Most disposables and cartridges typically use the highest quality C-CELL vape hardware that has a high-capacity ceramic wick. Carts and disposables are filled by dosage, not volume. Once the oil is filled, the wick starts absorbing the cannabis oil. This absorption can soak up to 30%+ of the oil in the unit. That oil is still in your device, primed and ready to smoke in the wick.


I just opened my cartridge/disposable, but it appears it is not working?

The cannabis oil in cartridges/disposables is thick and may require warming (hold in your palm) before they will allow pulls/puffs to be taken. There is also an air pocket in the head space that may need “popped”, sometimes this requires a hard pull off your device after it is warmed. Ask your budtender for more tips on troubleshooting your vape hardware. Please keep in mind that some cannabis suppliers will honor their warranty only if you are using the supplier’s specific hardware/battery. The Clear requires use of The Clear battery with their vape products because the hardware was specifically designed for the product to ensure optimal results.


My disposable vape died before it was empty, what should I do?

If your disposable becomes defective within 14 days of purchase, please bring the vape back to your dispensary of purchase. *please refer to the disclaimer on your sales receipt*


Why did my disposable vape die before it was empty?

Disposables are affected by temperature and the battery will slowly die (without use) in cold temperatures, hot temperatures, exposure to water, rain, and humidity. The recommended temperature range for storage and usage is 14-86 degrees Fahrenheit. One you activate your disposable with your first pull, the battery remains “activated” and there is no way to calculate the battery level.


Disposables are designed to provide 150 seconds of inhalation (150 x 1 second puffs), which equates to three days of constant usage.

Why is there only a 14-day warranty on my cartridge/disposable?

The warranty guidelines are set by the product’s supplier. Disposables are designed to be a quick and convenient way to consume on the go. They are designed to be a limited use item. If you plan to consume at a pace that would be over 14 days, we recommend choosing .5g or 1g cartridges that are used with a rechargeable battery. There are rechargeable disposables now available.


Physical damage is not covered by the 14-day warranty. Warranties cover the integrity of the product, not product misuse or mishandling.


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