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COCO Live Resin Pods: Budtender Reviews

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products. “I tried the COCO Ghost OG Live Resin Pod. First off, the battery was very nice. It had a nice temp setting that allowed for a good puff while not messing with flavor…also was very incognito. As for the Live Resin itself, it was GREAT...had an amazing taste and was very smooth. The effects were also very pleasant.” – Jacob R., Hannibal COCO

“I tried the COCO Purple Chem Live Resin Pod. I liked the battery because it vibrated to let me know it was working properly…but the taste is really what I enjoyed the most. The feeling was a really nice little head buzz…all around this is a great live resin pod.” – Elia S., Hannibal COCO

“These pods are a true example of:

Terpenes > THC%. The fact that its live resin makes it so easy to get the distinct taste and effects from the strain. That Clementine taste is very specific, and this pod nailed it! The pod and the battery are also really discreet.” – Jaxson S., Chillicothe COCO

“COCO Purple Chem Live Resin Pod: Sweet notes of berry with a subtle diesel taste giving you some much needed relaxation, but not too powerful of a punch to still be productive, letting your mind relax, but still focused.” – Shori B., Moberly COCO

“COCO Gorilla Pie Live Resin Pod: I loved it! You can really taste the Limonene, which I love. A couple of draws will medicate you quickly and it’s a really nice even-keeled high. I will definitely be getting this again.” – Vicky D., Moberly COCO


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