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Illicit Strain Reviews | COCO Chillicothe Team

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.



Clementine (Illicit):

"Taste of what I think a Clementine taste like. Taste Exactly as it smells. Feelings of heavy Euphoria, along with an energizing feel that will give you motivation to be productive." - Tyler

"Actually tried this strain before and is one of my fav illicit products as well. A really nice citrus flavor and not a harsh hit at all, however it did give me dry mouth, made me really energetic, uplifted, and talkative as well. I think the peak hit after about 30 min and lasted about 1:30-2 hrs, a really good tingly body high as well. Great Strain." - JS

"Definitely smells like citrus! Taste wasn't quite as strong as some other strains. Effects were decreased anxiety and some euphoria. A balanced high." - Kate

"Tastes great, smooth smoke, Just a small amount of initial anxiety but that passed quickly. Mild stimulating effect. Very Euphoric!" - Ashley S.

"Tasted like citrus and got me extremely motivated." - Ashton


Gelato (Illicit):

"Sweet and creamy taste that was more mild than I expected. Relaxing body high that provided a fair amount of relief." - Kate

Very Balanced high. Left me very relaxed butt still energetic. I got a taste of what I would describe as creamy or maybe dark vanilla." - Tyler

Another one I don't like the taste. I did like the high, it wasn't heavy, put me in a great mood, and I felt good enough to get things done around the house." - Unknown

"One of the best hybrids I've smoked. It taste similar to coffee creamer." - Ashton

"Body relaxed just enough but not stuck." - Rachel


Diesel Train (Illicit):

"I loved this strain! I was quite surprised because I hated the smell. I actually liked the peppery taste and was the best high, plus put me in a great mood." - Danielle

"I felt very stimulated smoking this strain. The taste wasn't amazing but the effects were great." - Ashton

"I was surprised by the citrusy/lemon taste (I thought it would have a stronger fuel taste). Flower wasn't bad, it hit quickly with a buzzy head high and then mellowed out. Not my favorite strain since I prefer body effects but not bad!" - Kate

"Mild Taste, stimulating effects, not too strong. Great strain for daytime." - Ashley

"Not as big on the taste as I was with Clementine, very relieving stress and pain wise. Gave me a great feeling of joy/euphoria but not as much as a focused high like I expected. The high seemed to peak fairly quickly. All around a good strain." - Jaxson

"Got a 'fuely' taste, kinda, with a little head high thats somewhat motivating. High didn't last too long, but a nice jump starter." - Tyler


KC Kush (Illicit):

"Love the taste - earthy, 'skunky'! Indica, yet didn't want to go to sleep!" - Rachel

"Heavy, Euphoric Feeling with a piney taste. Left me very relaxed and clear minded." - Tyler

"Loved smoking this before bed. A very good indica." - Unknown

"Hit harder than anticipated! Great anxiety relief and could think clearly. Smells fantastic but is pretty strong. Efficient strain!" - Katie

"I did not care for the taste but loved the heavy head high." - Danielle

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