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Indicas, Hybrids, & Sativas EXPLAINED

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

INDICAS (Cannabis Indica)

  • Indica strains used for medicinal purposes are believed to treat conditions related to insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation. Indica plants tend to grow short with thick stem and their buds tend to be denser, more compact than Sativa buds. Similarly, the indica leaf tends to be broad and deep green in color. Indica’s also mature much faster than Sativa’s, while growing sufficiently well in cold, short-season climates. In general, Indica’s tend to be relaxing and deliver a heavy body “high” which can make people feel sleepy. The taste and smell of an Indica dominant strain is more earthy and skunky.

SATIVAS (Cannabis Sativa)

  • Sativa strains used for medicinal purposes are believed to treat conditions related to depression, anxiety, and pain. Sativa’s originated in the world’s equatorial zones, growing up to 15-20 feet tall in the heat and light of the tropics. Sativa’s may provide a cerebral head “high”, although more research is needed on this topic. While there is no scientific evidence that Sativa’s give you energy, they are believed to be uplifting and euphoric. Sativa strains may help stimulate your appetite (giving you the munchies), but it depends on your body chemistry, while medicating with a Sativa dominant strain likely won’t keep you up at night like drinking a coffee late in the day would. Sativa dominant strains smell sweeter (like citrus or fruit) or spicy.

HYBRIDS (Cannabis Ruderalis)

  • Strains bred from crossing two or more varieties—with typically one dominant. Hybrid strains are bred from both indica and sativa descended plants. Due to the long history of crossbreeding cannabis, strains that have pure indica or pure sativa lineages are rare. Most strains referred to as “indica” or “sativa” are, in fact, hybrids, with genetics inherited from both subspecies. Many hybrid cannabis plants are grown to increase the THC & CBD percentage, but each type has a unique ratio of the two cannabinoids. Their targeted usage depends on the predominant effects of the hybrid.

Every person responds differently to cannabis. A particular amount of cannabis that alleviates chronic pain for one patient may have no effect on another. A strain that alleviates insomnia in one patient may exacerbate it for someone else. It’s important to be aware that using cannabis can result in adverse side effects.

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