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One-Hitter, Bowl, Joint, Water Pipe, or Electronic Vape? | The Differences Explained

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.


  • Different cannabis smoking devices vary in shape, size, smoke nature, conceal-ability, portability, and ease of application.

  • Each device possesses pros and cons that make them suitable for desired conditions.

  • The electronic vaporizer is unique from all other types. The combustion of less natural and controllable nicotine intake makes it the modern device for vaping.

  • All devices are easy to use by any individual.

Differences between Listed Types

One Hitter Pipe

One hitter pipe is a small tubular device for the intake of herbs by smoking. The module opts for a mouthpiece for a single heat. One hitter pipe opted since 1000s of years ago.

The most popular names for one-hitter include one-hitter bats, one-hitter cigarettes, and dugouts.

Types of One-Hitter Pipes

One-hitters are of different sizes, shapes, and materials. The three prime types of one-hitter pipes include;

1. Metal One-Hitter Pipes

2. Glass One-Hitter Pipes

3. Wood One-Hitter Pipes

Pros of One-Hitter Pipes

  • Easy to use and handle while smoking

  • Convenient and portable

  • Allow the user to stay low-profile

  • For areas with hostile marijuana laws

  • Ease of application

  • No need for rubbing and rinsing

  • Discreet nature

  • Prevent stress and unnecessary neck movements

  • Less weed consumption

  • Single potent hit/ quick Getting High

Cons of One-Hitter Pipes

  • Hold Less amount of weed

  • Not a better option for group smoking



A bowl refers to the compartment which holds the weeds, tobacco, cannabis, and other substances for smoking. It comes in combination with pipes that helps to inhale the smoke produced by combustion in the bowl containing weeds.

Pros of Bowls

  • Portable and conceal

  • Convenient

  • Less expensive than bongs

Cons of Bowls

  • Easily get clogged

  • Cleaning issue

  • You might experience throat burning from the smoke intake from the bowl

  • No filtration process for unnecessary chemicals