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Vaping Cannabis | Automatic Batteries VS Manual Batteries

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.

“Why do some vape batteries have buttons/temperature settings, and some do not?”

Automatic batteries have a built-in switch that activates each time you pull from the device. You simply attach the cartridge (contains cannabis oil) to the battery, then you are ready to vape. Once you inhale, the sensor activates the heating element inside the battery. These batteries are perfect for patients who are new to vaping.

Manual batteries are activated when a user pushes down a small button located on the outside of the battery. Most models require you to push a button in succession of clicks, then you wait a few seconds until the vape is ready to smoke, generally indicated by an LED light inside the button. You then push down the button while inhaling and turn it off when you are finished. These batteries are perfect for experienced patients who understand terpene integrity and the importance of temperature settings when achieving a desired effect.


Automatic (no buttons)

Pen draws power immediately when you connect the cartridge to the battery and inhale, then shuts down during inactivity.

  • User-friendly for beginners

  • Lower battery consumption

  • More discretion

  • Simplicity

  • The device must sometimes be warmed up, or “primed”, before use- a process where you take a couple of short, shallow draws before inhaling.

  • An automatic cut-off after 5-6 seconds, limiting the frequency of drags per minute.


Manual (with buttons)

Pen draws power when you push a button, can take a few moments to heat up, and stays on until you manually turn it off.

  • More control over the frequency and duration of drags

  • Device does not have to be primed for full vapor production

  • Ability to control voltage- a low setting (2.4V) produces less heat and can be useful for microdosing cannabis. Higher settings (3.6V) generate more heat which allows you to consume more at once.

  • Terpene expression- lower voltage settings allow you to taste and smell the unique properties of different cannabis strains.

  • Battery life can be lower than automatics.

  • Manually powered vapes may run out of oil sooner than automatics since users can take more drags.

  • Some user-savvy required- the buttons can be tricky.


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